Somewhere at the bottom of the river, 2017

Framed C-Type Prints

For Inherent Vice 

Curated by Katie Paine at Nicholas Projects

Catalogue Essay by Diego Ramirez Entitled: “The Will To Death”

Abstract about the work:

“For Inherent Vice, he explores the corruption of images with a series of prints based on damaged photographic negatives. In this case, holiday pictures that have been disfigured by x-rays whilst crossing through airport security. The result is a highly artificial surface that depicts abstract aberrations of colour and form. Like a trans-dimensional portal nearing total malfunction, the erratic quality of the image nullifies its ability to transport us to another place and time. This phantasmagoric aura inflates when one discovers that Rees does not entirely remember the context or site in which the photographs were taken. In other words, his memory, like the photographs, has been obscured, reduced, smudged and distorted. Faced by this phenomenon, one can’t help to wonder if it is not the image, rather than the residue of a lived experience, which realizes memory.” – Diego Ramirez