Tenome ‘Eyes of the Hand’ @ Firstdraft Gallery

*The video documentation of the installation contains a low frequency soundtrack, please use headphones or a Hifi system to listen. It is not audible on laptop speakers.

Tenome: Eyes The Hand is a participatory installation utilizing wearable home security cameras, a “VR” helmet and three monitors to explore altered perception. It invites the user to re-encounter their environment with eyes in their hands. The work achieves this with a modified VR headset that the user wears while holding out of the counter security cameras meant to be held with one’s own hands.

The two video works that also form part of the installation are simply titled, Trap 1 and Trap 2, they are spatial video works that were created in situ.

Techno-Ghoul the Catalogue Essay by Diego Ramirez can be read here