Entoptic Phenomena, 2018 @ Bundoora Homestead

Three Channel video (8min), surface transducers, light stands, modified hardcase.

Video installation for the group show, ‘Crocodility,’ curated by Boe-Lin Bastian

* The monitor in image 7 depicts a painting by Ann Debono, this painting is installed in the same room.


The space between the lens and the retina,

Slowly degrades in the course of one’s life,

The detritus we know as floaters

Could be positioned as biological constellations in the visual field

The eyeball: the first astrolabe

Rolling around and around…

With the world in your head.

Tracing shadows in a cave

A silhouette of the medium upon the mediated

It’s a cinematic event:

Slow-tracking and close-up,

The disintegration of your own body

Within your very eyes.

Whilst viewing this, you might notice you also see white dots,


They are white blood cells,


And this is an image of the sun.