Vanishing Point – 2019 @Incinerator Gallery

Vanishing Point is a site-specific installation, considering the technical systematisation of human vision to be a kind of terminal blindness to the natural world. In this iteration, the ideas are explored metaphorically through the treatment of photographic and video works. The works were constructed through the manipulation of photographic film

‘The Image has an Illness’

accompanying exhibition essay by artist and writer Katie Paine


“I lie in this scanner, this colossal magnetic camera, looking up at a quadratic eye. A facsimile eye. Our pupils meet one another, muscular iris meets intersecting markers of red light. It is comforting somehow to know that even when I can no longer see, that this mechanism, this machine that does not need eyes to see, will continue its indiscriminate, indefatigable gaze indefinitely.” 


List of works

Video Installation Component

‘Scanner//Vertical Garden’ 
Three Channel HD Video, Sub Woofer.


‘Vanishing Point’
Total size: 1800 x 1250, Chromogenic Diptych Print

‘Eye diagram on timetable’

330 x 255, Silver Gelatine Print