Telechiric Loop, 2015
HD Floor Projection onto Acrylic, Video on Monitor.

Through first-person perspective flight goggles, I look down at myself from the hovering drone, which was to act as a guide for my body. I attempt to navigate a circle marked out on field whilst watching/monitoring my own body remotely, in effect severing phenomenological unity. The viewer also finds themself unstabilized during viewing. 

It also a play on the dichotomy of being both behind a camera, and in front of it, being your own avatar and having a confusing out of body experience.


Created for In the Epoch of the Near and Far.

Curated by Amelia Winata at Grey Gardens.

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Featuring: Petra Cortright, Heath Franco, Marian Tubbs, Emile Zile, Keith Deverell and Aaron Christopher Rees.

Documentation of the work taken from ‘Another Space’ @ Testing Grounds in 2017 by Aaron Christopher Rees.